Locally Farmed Fish for Singapore State Reception

We are pleased to announce that The Fish Farmer will be providing locally farmed fish for the prestigious state reception that will take place as part of Singapore’s swearing-in event. Featuring local produce in over 20 outstanding dishes that showcase Singapore’s culinary diversity, this event will highlight the value of local products.

Watch CNA coving The Fish Farmer Here:

Behind the Scenes at The Fish Farmer

CNA take a sneak peek behind the scenes at how we operate off the coast of Changi, harvesting about 3,000 fish a day. We are getting ready for a special order this week: a banquet at the state reception in Istana. We are happy to offer more than 500 servings of our mouthwatering red snapper, or more than 200 fish for

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Malcolm and his hardworking crew have been investing a lot of money in research since 2007 to make sure our locally farmed fish have enough room and time to thrive. We get our nutrients and oxygen from the natural tides, which guarantees the best quality fish. This methodical approach is a reflection of our dedication to ethical and sustainable farming methods.

A Milestone for Local Farmers

This is an exhilarating possibility for us and other farmers in the area since it shows increasing recognition and support for locally-grown food. We hope that Singaporeans will see the advantages of eating food obtained locally and that this trend will continue.

locally farmed Fish to Table

Our fish are quickly packed and transferred to the kitchen once they are collected, where Chef Elvin Leong and his staff of roughly 50 people are in charge of the preparations. A day before the ceremony, meticulous planning and organization went into the preparations to make sure everything went as planned.

A Feast of Locally Farmed Fish

The event will also include vegetables, bean sprouts, and eggs from island farms in addition to our locally farmed fish. This demonstrates how Singapore’s multicultural identity can be reflected in a lunch suited for the country’s leaders, made with fresh vegetables from the area.

Preparation and Execution

Once everything is prepared, the culinary staff starts chopping and marinating the components for a meal that highlights the greatest dishes from the area. Chef Elvin Leong explains, “When we know these events are important, we set directions for the menus, ensuring that the proteins, vegetables, and all other ingredients meet our high standards.”

Celebration of Leadership and Local Produce

This festival is a celebration of the political shift that Singapore has seen, but it also serves as evidence of the potential and quality of its indigenous goods.

Bringing the best of our crop to the centre of Singapore’s gastronomic festivals, The Fish Farmer is honoured to be a part of this momentous occasion. We appreciate your support of The Fish Farmer and locally grown food. We will keep working together to create a tasty and sustainable future for everybody.

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