IoT In Our

Fish Farms

Find out more on how IoT has helped us in our everyday farming operations!

IoT-Based Technology

The Fish Famer recently adopted IoT and AI technologies to farm fish more efficiently.

One of the biggest hurdles in fish farming is maintaining optimal water quality, in our Lim Chu Kang and Changi farms with low dissolved oxygen.  To address this challenge, we are using the “FarmLink AIoT” developed by us. FarmLink AIoT consists of 3 types of technologies; an AI-based fish counting application, an IoT-based water quality monitoring system and an IoT-based temperature monitoring system.

For this particular webpage, let’s focus on the water quality monitoring system and temperature monitoring system.

The system employs sensors placed around the farms to continuously monitor key environmental parameters such as dissolved oxygen levels, acidity and turbidity levels, oxidation reduction potential, barometric pressure and water temperature. Real-time data from these sensors is transmitted to a central digital dashboard accessible to our farmers, allowing for proactive management of water quality. When fluctuations in dissolved oxygen are detected, the system alerts farmers to take immediate action, such as activating aerators and pumps to optimize fish health.

“The quality of the water is not something we can observe with the naked eye. The system has made it much easier for me when it comes to monitoring water quality as I can easily receive alerts for deviation in the water quality, allowing me to take corrective actions and focus on other tasks.” said Soe Pyae Kyaw, The Fish Farmer’s Farm Manager.

Like insurance, the cost of prevention is always lower than the cost of reaction. The system is reliable and gives our farmers a peace of mind, allowing them to focus on other areas of operations.

Moreover, we also utilize an IoT technology for remote temperature monitoring in our cold rooms and chillers. Our top priority is ensuring the integrity and quality of our goods while they are stored in the cold rooms & chillers and during delivery to our valuable customers. With this technology, we can ensure integrity and quality of our goods, minimizing the risk of spoilage due to temperature fluctuations.

“The most important reason why MWI’s temperature monitoring system is good is because we receive real time alert when temperature is high. It helps us to take immediate action to check and resolve the problem quickly so that we can prevent any damage of equipment or loss of goods. We can also remotely check the real time temperature data of our cold room and freezers.” said Evonne Chow, The Fish Farmer’s Cold Room Operation Executive.

Our commitment to innovation and sustainability is evident as we embrace new and upcoming technologies. By harnessing IoT solutions, we are not only improving operational efficiency but also empowering our farmers to focus on more value-added tasks. The Fish Farmer’s strategic use of IoT technology exemplifies our dedication to excellence and innovation in aquaculture. By integrating IoT solutions into our operations, we are on our way towards a more efficient and sustainable future for fish farming in Singapore.

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