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We are a Singapore based fishery company whose main business is rearing and marketing of seafood. Metropolitan Fishery Group (MFG) is the major shareholder of Singapore’s largest marine fish farm. We produce Grey Mullet and Milk Fish which we supply fresh to to all countries. We rear fish in a farming methods which are Green and kind to our Environment, all our fish are reared without injections, vaccinations and chemicals. The average size of the fish upon harvest is 500g and our main distribution of seafood to wholesale and supermarkets.

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The farms are located in the Straits, nearby Lim Chu Kang and Changi. They are equipped with more than 30 caged fish nets, and fully equipped with fish farming facilities. Our company firmly believes that fish should be raised in as close to organic manner as possible and therefore our fish are raised without injections, medicines or vaccines. Our motto is “Real Seafood” because we believe that consumers will want the REAL ORIGINAL taste of fish that has no medicines, completely fresh and cooked in its own natural juices. And moreover, the fish and mussels are so easy to prepare – just clean and steam – the natural flavor will completely awaken the taste buds.

The farms are engaged heavily in fish wholesale with most of the fish produced being exported to Malaysia while the rest is sold at the wholesale market in Singapore. MFG is on the lookout for partners and resellers who are interested to help us expand our market presence to Asia and beyond.

Metropolitan is the family brand which was started by Lionel and Betty Ong with a 30 year long tradition of providing excellent customer service in the field of insurance. This tradition for customer satisfaction has been passed down to the next generation with son Malcolm Ong starting a new line of seafood business for the Metropolitan group of companies.

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