Exploring Taiwan’s Aquaculture Industry

Taiwan – The Heart of Asia

Taiwan, known for its bustling metropolises and picturesque landscapes, also harbours a thriving aquaculture industry that is as diverse as it is innovative. Recently, I had the opportunity to embark on a two-day expedition with The Fish Farmer, to delve into the heart of Taiwan’s aquaculture sector, around Tainan and Kaohsiung. Our trip provided a captivating dive into the complexities of fish farming, processing, and exportation, shedding light on the cutting-edge technologies and practices driving this dynamic industry forward.


Enjoying locally grown deep-fried Ayu fish, oyster tofu, herbal chicken soup and crispy pork knuckle.

Day 1: Unveiling Innovative Solutions

Our first day began with a visit to My Exhibition Co., Ltd. office, where we were warmly welcomed to participate in the Taiwan International Ocean and Fisheries Industry Show 2024.

They connected us with key players in Taiwan’s aquaculture realm, including “Team Aqua,” renowned for their expertise in aerators, sea cage systems, and water treatment solutions, and Simugrow, a pioneer in Smart Farming Technology integration.

Simugrow-state-of-the-art water-quality monitoring-systems

In the afternoon, we visited Simugrow’s inland fish farm, where state-of-the-art water quality monitoring systems were deployed. Witnessing the precision of these systems, capable of detecting and remedying oxygen deficiencies and maintaining optimal pH levels.

As evening came, we explored the operations of EVERLASTING A-ONE TRADING CO., LTD., a hub for aquatic feeds and processed seafood. Their extensive range of products, from eels to tiger shrimps, showcased Taiwan’s role as a major exporter in the Asian market.

Different stages of fish fry
Inside their fish feed storeroom

Day 2: From Farm to Factory

Our second-day dove deeper into the production process, starting with a visit to a Grey Mullets and Milkfish processing farm courtesy of TEAM AQUA Corporation. We observed the meticulous handling of fish, including the extraction of mullet egg roe and stomach bullets.

In the afternoon, we toured a milkfish processing plant, where innovative techniques transformed milkfish into various edible products, including cooking oil, fish balls, and fish paste. This value-added approach showcased Taiwan’s prowess in maximizing the utility of its aquaculture resources.

Below showcase some of the products made at the milkfish factory


Our journey ended with a visit to Team Aqua’s inland fish farm, where we marvelled at the efficiency of their water aerators and automatic feeders, facilitating the cultivation of golden pomfret and Ayu sweetfish.

Team Aqua’s consultant showed us how to check if the golden pomfret is healthy and how he managed to grow them in fresh water.


Sunset in Kaohsiung

At the end of our journey, we took a detour to Keziliao Fishing Harbor, where we enjoyed a scrumptious breakfast with a wide range of seafood, from lobster, squid, fishballs, fish cake and even seafood fried rice. My personal favourite was their fish ball you could that it doesn’t us artificial fish flavouring but actual fish meat.

Thanks for reading our journey through Taiwan’s aquaculture industry, I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing. Should any reader find particular interest in the technologies or products showcased, we welcome them to reach out to us via contact-us@thefishfarmer.com for further information and exploration.

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